The Company

For over 21 years Taylor Llorente has been supplying interior designers, architects and discerning private clients with a unique collection of stylised and design furniture, lighting and works of art.

Established as 'couturiers' in the field of furniture and lighting design Taylor Llorente is proud to count among their clientele established and the highest profile design and architectural
firms, as well as discerning private clients, internationally. Taylor Llorente is delighted to supply both commercial and residential clients.

Taylor Llorente's stylised and evolving collection is an amalgamation of high profile designers and manufacturers - British and Continental -. The ethos of our collection is Highly
Stylised Design, Excellent Cabinet Making, the use of Outstanding Materials, Rare and Conversational pieces and a union between contemporary design with reference to the classical past.

Our aim is to offer you pieces with a unique presence and stylisation within a space. The range selected is intended to be eclectic and each piece has been carefully selected for their own design merit and high profile manufacturing. It is our aim to constantly search the contemporary design field for the 'unique, rare and exceptional'.


The main directors at Taylor Llorente, Riccardo Llorente and Alistair Taylor, will be delighted to assist you and share their expertise knowledge in the field of design and high profile
furniture, lighting and works of art, contributing and assisting the client in their selection of any of our pieces or collections, aiming and ensuring that the pieces selected are in keeping with the aesthetics, stylisation and design ethos of the particular scheme, be residential or commercial.

If in need and required by the client, we will always be delighted to assist the client in all aspects related to the project: selection of pieces from our collection which will compliment,
enhance and further stylise the aesthetics of their interior and scheme; selection of fabrics for upholstery and wood finishes in keeping with the nature and the design ethos and functionality of the furniture piece selected, complimenting the other existent furniture pieces and design scheme of the client.

Riccardo LLorente

Having graduated from European Studies and Art History at University College London (UCL) Riccardo LLorente pursued his interest in interior design graduating from the internationally renowned The Inchbald School of Design in London.

His professional career as an interior designer and his keen interest and passion in art history and antiques led Riccardo LLorente to further enhance his academic background by graduating from Christie’s London in “Fine and Decorative arts”, specialising in furniture. His diverse, complex and comprehensive academic background and his professional working career in both fields of the business, the auction house at Christie’s London and the antiques trade working for a period of over six years with a leading antique dealer Alistair Sampson Antiques in Mayfair, London, specialising in 17th and 18th century English antiques with emphasis on English furniture, as well as dealing in Fine and Decorative arts of this period, are all contributing factors to his cultural background and professional knowledge and connoisseurship of the art market working as a specialist and dealer.

Riccardo LLorente’s influences and background are cross referenced on the nature, design ethos and stylisation of Taylor Llorente’s unique collection of classically referenced and couture pieces.

Alistair Taylor

Founder and creator of the brand name Taylor Llorente website in 1995 at the pioneering stages of the ‘internet’ as a marketing medium.

After graduating in fashion and textiles from the internationally renowned Central Saint Martins and The Royal College of Art in London Alistair Taylor worked in the field of fashion in both London and New York.

His professional and working life in the field of fashion led Alistair Taylor to his interest in the development of the possibilities of marketing, interiors and the accessibility and the challenges of the internet at the pioneering stages.

The development and high profile status of the company Taylor Llorente in the field of interiors and furniture is the input and emphasis of Alistair Taylor.

The unique design ethos, stylisation and couture essence of Taylor Llorente’s collection is the work of both directors, Alistair Taylor and Riccardo LLorente, searching and pursuing the field of high profile and status furniture, lighting and design for unique and conversational pieces with emphasis on high profile design, manufacturing methods and the use of outstanding materials.