Should you wish to proceed with purchase we kindly request that you contact Taylor Llorente by telephone and or by email.

Due to the intricacy and complexity of our pieces and collections and the variations related to shipping methods and charges we confirm that our pieces are not available for purchase ’online’.

On receipt of ‘The Client’s’ advise stating that ‘The Client’ wishes to proceed with purchase we will forward a proforma invoice. Payment and receipt of deposit funds (50% unless otherwise stated) finalises a purchase order. Commencement of production will only take place after being in receipt of cleared deposit funds, as we are dealing with ‘made to order’ goods only.

Our business terms, unless otherwise stated, are standard within our field and industry: Payment of 50% deposit funds on purchase order (prior to commencement of production) and 50% outstanding balance on advise of completion and prior to collection and delivery.


We accept payment by bank transfer
only. All payments will be charged to 'The Client' in British Pounds (GB£) only
and for convenience. All payments received by us, Taylor LLorente, from 'The
Client' must be in British Pounds (GB£) only.

The net prices displayed on our site in USD$ – US Dollar are provided as guidance only and for the convenience of 'The Client' and may not reflect accurately the precise and current exchange rate at the time of purchase.


We shall be delighted to discuss any queries you may have regarding any of our pieces and collections or indeed any specific requirements. May we kindly request that you contact us by telephone or by email at enquiries@taylorllorentefurniture.com to study and discuss in detail your
specific requirements.

We are in a position to bespoke many of our pieces and collections to customer specifications. In the event that your requirements (for example size, choice of fabric, materials or finishes) differ from those stated within the cataloguing entry of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

'Indicative' fabric and 'indicative' finishes samples are available for many of our pieces and collections on request. To confirm, for clarity, the record and avoidance of doubt that any 'indicative' samples provided to 'The Client' will be 'indicative'; therefore variations may occur and 'The Client' is to make allowances for this fact.

Delivery of our pieces is available worldwide to include fragile and glass pieces. Shipments will be handled by specialist shippers and all our consignments, unless otherwise stated, are fully insured while in transit and up to the point of delivery.

Taylor Llorente’s assistance to The Client:*We will study each piece in detail with ‘The Client‘;

*We will assist and provide ‘The Client’ (where pertinent and or applicable) with all that is necessary their end to enable the client to proceed with finalising a selection and proceed with either purchase (private clients) and or presentation of our pieces to ‘The Client‘ (interior designers and or architects selecting and or presenting pieces on behalf of and to their client or project);

*High resolution images
(full view and or illustration of a detail) will be provided to ‘The Client’ on
request (where pertinent and or applicable) for ‘The Client’ to study in detail
and gain further and full knowledge and understanding of the furniture or
lighting piece ‘The Client’ is selecting.

*Advise on all possibilities in relation to wood finishes (from the collection and or bespoke finishes). Wood finishes and or all samples for our collections are prepared ’individually’ on request and, therefore, these will be provided to ‘The Client’ once it has been established that the furniture and or lighting pieces have been approved by ‘The Client’ for specification and purchase;

*In relation to those pieces of furniture which require upholstering (for example seating pieces and or bed frames) we will confirm fabric quantities required and advise further in relation to possibilities on fabrics (client’s own fabric -COM-and or selection of an upholstery fabric from the Taylor Llorente fabric collection). We will deal with presentation of fabric samples only after a purchase order for the actual furniture piece has been finalised.

*Taylor Llorente will confirm with ‘The Client’ shipping charges and options prior to purchase order. For further information on the subject of shipping options, methods and costs please kindly refer to the section titled: ‘International transport and logistics’

*All the pieces forming part of the Taylor Llorente collection are strictly made to order pieces unless otherwise stated by us. Taylor Llorente are specialists in unique, rare and conversational high profile and couture
furniture and lighting collections. As a general rule, these elitist and
connoisseur pieces and collections do not retail in ‘the high street’, due to
the exclusivity of these pieces and collections and the fact that these are
‘made to order pieces’. With this in mind, those discerning private clients who are unable to proceed without ‘physically’ viewing the pieces in a high street showroom are advised, if interested in pursuing our collections with the view to purchase, to appoint an interior designer to assist them with their project and with the understanding of the profile of these collections. Taylor Llorente will be delighted to further discuss and study all our pieces with the appointed designer.


Conditions of guarantees

Taylor Llorente guarantees that the goods we sell to you will match the quality represented on our website or the images sent by email and or the 'indicative' samples provided to the client and that the goods will match the descriptions stated and agreed with you, the client, on our invoice; our invoice being a binding document stating clearly all specifications and details related to the goods purchased. It is therefore the client’s responsibility to note all details prior to finalising an order with payment of funds (deposit funds and or full payment). Payment of deposit funds and or full balance funds (as the case may be) confirms the purchase order and confirms the client’s (purchaser) agreement with the pieces and their specifications as stated on our invoice. The pieces stated on the purchase order (invoice) are non cancellable once an order has been finalised and once production has commenced. Any alterations to the specifications stated within our invoice (purchase order) will result in a new purchase order.

Terms and conditions
All purchases shall be subject to the terms and conditions stated below.

Refer to the terms and conditions stated within the Taylor LLorente's invoice.

Made to order products may not be cancelled or returned after an order has been made.

Below are the relevant applicable terms:
Distance Selling Regulations.-
Under the Distance Selling Regulations you are entitled to cancel your order and obtain a refund. You may do this by notifying us in writing at anytime after making the order and up to 7 working days beginning with the day after the day on which you received the goods. To cancel you may email us at:enquiries@taylorllorentefurniture.com or write to us at: TAYLOR LLORENTE, Client
Services, 16 St. Martin's Le-Grand, St. Paul's, London, EC1A 4EN. In each case quoting your order number. You must take reasonable care of the products which are subject to cancellation and not use them. You may send them back to us or we can arrange to collect them. We will make a charge for the cost of collecting the order. The right to cancel under the Distance Selling Regulations does not apply to goods which are made to your specification, or are personalised (made to order), or by reason of their nature cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly. Made to order products may not be cancelled or returned after an order has been made.

Your statutory rights are not affected.

Refer to notice below titled: ‘Acceptance of purchased goods’.


All products are appropriately and professionally packed when leaving the manufacturer. If the products are damaged during carriage then we will repair and or replace them (as pertinent and or appropriate) with the exception of those cases where the relevant conditions have not been observed or met by the client and or their appointed representatives.

We kindly request that you note the following observations (standard terms of business) related to acceptance of goods on collection / delivery:

Due to the terms and conditions stipulated by insurers and shippers to confirm that the following procedures must be observed and acted upon. TAYLOR LLORENTE as TL (Europe) Limited can not be held responsible for damages to the consignment while in transit (if applicable) outside these conditions, as we need to follow and observe all guidelines stipulated by the shipper's insurers.

The consignment, as a whole, must be checked for any damages to packaging and goods on collection/delivery. All damages (if applicable) must be noted on the collection/delivery note at the point of collection/delivery of the goods and notified immediately also to Taylor LLorente.

This also applies to the content of the packages. Please ensure that the quantity of packages noted on the collection/delivery note corresponds to the quantity of packages either collected by the client or their appointed shippers and or delivered to the client (as applicable) and signed for. Please note the quantity of packages on the collection/delivery note along
with the signature. Please also note on the collection/delivery note any damages to the packaging and content if applicable.

The consignment will be the sole responsibility of the client, client’s shippers or any parties appointed by the client (as applicable) once the goods have been collected from Taylor Llorente/our shippers and or delivered to the client (as applicable). Taylor Llorente and or their appointed parties will accept no further claims in terms of the condition (damages to the goods while in transit) of all goods collected/delivered and forming part of the purchase order once the consignment has been collected/delivered and signed for by the client and or their appointed
parties. Terms and conditions stated on this document (collection and or
delivery note) override any ‘standard’ time schedules stated within our shippers collection/delivery note in relation to the subject “time scales to report any damages”, as these are not applicable to the collection/delivery, as the client or their appointed shippers or party dealing with the consignment will be collecting the goods from Taylor Llorente’s shippers. In the event of the consignment being delivered to the client directly to confirm that the same principle applies. The whole consignment being the full responsibility of the client after collection/delivery of all goods.


Transport of furniture and or lighting pieces by road, sea and or air (the latter being the most costly methods of shipping).

For your convenience, Taylor Llorente also manages all logistics relating to transport, including professional packaging, customs clearance for your location (where applicable), warehousing and delivery worldwide of individual pieces or multiple consignments and shipments.

Delivery services As a general rule, depending on location (final destination of the goods) and services available and or offered within the country of final destination, there are two principal options:

Curb side delivery
This is a standard service and the most economic method . One driver only on delivery and delivery to curb side. The ‘client’ is therefore advised to organise assistance at delivery point.

Inside delivery

This additional service is referred to as ‘White Glove’. It includes additional ‘man
power’ on delivery (not just the driver), inside delivery and placement and or
assembling of the furniture pieces ( assembling where agreed, appropriate and or pertinent) unpacking and removal of all packaging. Inside delivery is subject to access. In the event of access being prohibited or non existent and or restricted access compromising the safety of the goods being delivered to
confirm that the additional costs and or charge for this additional service will
still apply and that this is non refundable. In such instances goods will be
delivered to ground floor level.

Transport Costs
The prices of our furniture and lighting pieces stated on our website do not include shipping. Prices stated on our website are therefore Ex-works (excluding collection, amalgamation and or delivery costs).

Whether a consignment is travelling by road, sea and or air we have negotiated a very cost effective delivery service. Our transportation charges are always offered to our clients at net cost price (cost prices as advised and quoted to us by our shippers). All our consignments will be supervised and handled by our long standing shippers of 20 years; specialist international shippers in the field of transportation and handling of high profile and important furniture and lighting collections, antiques and works of art.

Insurance of Goods
Unless otherwise stated by us, our consignments are fully insured whilst in transit and up to the point of acceptance of delivery and or collection of the goods by the client.