Welcome to our high profile, unique and differentiated hand made and finished by hand designer furniture, lighting and works of art main collection, characterised by innovative, avant - garde and 'of the present' highly stylised design ethos and essence, designed and created by hand with particular attention to precision of composition, the use of outstanding and highly specified materials and meticulous attention to detail and finish.Our website includes a comprehensive selection of our furniture and lighting designs available to purchase worldwide.

We trust you will take delight in our differentiated and couture highly stylised and high profile collection of important and leading European ('Continental Europe') handmade designer furniture and lighting.

Each piece of contemporary furniture and lighting is made to order, designed, made and finished in 'Continental' Europe by hand by our leading and prominent European ateliers and furniture and lighting makers, including Italian, French and British designers and interiors specialists.

Our eclectic and distinguished high profile designer furniture and lighting collections include some 'fine and important' examples from some of the most celebrated and elitist cabinet makers and furniture and lighting workshops worldwide, some of these examples of contemporary furniture and modern design furniture and lighting pieces being at the pinnacle of the design field, both in terms of excellency of cabinet making and production skills, execution and in terms of highly stylised, unique and unparalleled furniture and lighting design ethos.

To accommodate the individual needs of our clients and their designers all our furniture and lighting is created strictly to order and is worked in the finest woods, metals, stones and finishes. We are in a position to bespoke many of our pieces and collections to client’s specifications.

As well as our comprehensive furniture and lighting categories TAYLOR LLORENTE also includes 'Gallery and Works of Art’, 'Sculptural artisan’, 'Classically referenced’, as well as 'Architectural' collections, as furniture, lighting and works of art ‘stylisation’ areas. The emphasis of Taylor LLorente's 'Furniture and Lighting Stylisations' focuses on design ethos and the aesthetics of these furniture and lighting pieces when catalogued under four stylistic sections set out below:

'Gallery and Works of Art' furniture and lighting collections include a selection of hand worked 'STUDIO' and or 'GALLERY' furniture and lighting styles and

interiors, illustrating some unique and, in some instances, rare pieces of
'conversational' and sculptural furniture and lighting worked in precious
materials and finishes to include bronze, gold, silver, copper and rare forms of
glass, stones and marquetry. A pinnacle of 'Studio' furniture and lighting
pieces and of 'fine and collectable' furniture and lighting pieces aimed at the
discerning and connoisseur client in pursuit of unique and rare pieces of
furniture and lighting to further embellished and adorn 'high brow' and
connoisseur interiors.

'Classically referenced' furniture and lighting collections encapsulates furniture and lighting design with references to the classical past and classical furniture and lighting, both in terms of its traditional cabinet making skills (masterly created) and in terms of their classical design and profile with a fresh, crisp and 'of the present' (new - fashioned) furniture and lighting stylisation.

'Sculptural artisan' modern designer furniture and lighting collections and
interiors are influenced and therefore characterised by well marked, prominent
and sculptural lines and profile with emphasis on purity of form, silhouette and
profile and the use of highly specified and exquisite materials. Unparalleled
sculptural profile pieces with evocative sharp and curvaceous lines; bold
statement furniture and lighting pieces in keeping with slick, differentiated
and uncompromised unique interiors.

'Architectural' modern designer furniture and lighting collections of
highly stylised furniture and lighting with particular emphasis and attention to
precision of composition, use of outstanding materials and meticulous attention
to detail in the execution and production. Dedicated to architectural and
elitist interiors and luxurious and epicurean living, consisting of interior
furniture and lighting collections with emphasis on design merit, clean, pure,
bold and architectural lines and profile and a practical or functional purpose
aimed at stylised and design led connoisseur interiors.

The furniture and lighting pieces forming part of the Taylor LLorente collection are created and inspired with the spirit of excellence, characterised by a dedication to the pursuit of excellence in traditional cabinet making skills (hand crafted artisan techniques and working methods) and, equally, innovative, experimental and 'of the present' production techniques, outstanding use of materials and a contemporary and elitist approach to design, balancing classicism and modern evolutions and aesthetics in the pursuit of the creation of innovative and differentiated furniture and lighting collections.