Please kindly note:  Due to political tensions in the international markets, unprecedented increases in the cost of raw materials (for example natural gas +180%, metals +130%, solid woods +90%, so on and so forth), energy costs, and lack of stock of some raw materials we must advise our clients to check with TAYLOR LLORENTE the current price of our pieces in ‘each and every single case’ (furniture and lighting) prior to specifying, presenting to the client and or purchase ordering.  For ‘trade’ clients and or when working on projects we kindly advise and or suggest contacting the final the client as promptly as possible underlining to the final client the urgency to close all pending deals or purchases in order to avoid substantial change in pricing.

TAYLOR LLORENTE is doing its utmost to update its prices in keeping with the current everchanging price increases of production; however, as we are certain one would appreciate, this is not always possible to achieve due to the large scale/number of furniture and lighting pieces within our collection and or on offer.